Sony STR-DH750 AV Receiver Perfectly Captures An Artist’s Music

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Sony STR-DH750 Audio And Video Receiver

Sony STR-DH750 AV Receiver Streams Hollywood Sound

Everything works together on the Sony STR-DH750 Audio and Video Receiver in a way to provide you with the sound, Visual HD, connectivity and convenience that you have dreamed of.

1015 watts, 7.2 channels and Bluetooth Sony STR-DH750 Audio and Video Receiver connectivity that enables you to stream music from all of your favorite devices or apps. All of your components are supported with 4K resolution pass-through and 4 HDMI inputs. For movie lovers, a real theater-like experience is provided by the HD Digital Camera Sound to everything you want to watch.

Benefits of the Sony STR-DH750 Audio And Video Receiver:

  • High-Resolution Audio for uncompromising sound for a near-perfect capture of an artist’s music. A truly emotional experience
  • Wireless streaming with Bluetooth and Wirelessly stream audio from your favorite tracks and apps with Bluetooth®.
  • Near Field Communication (NFC) technology makes complex set-up sequences simple
  • 7.2 channel receiver for room filling immersive surround sound, facility to distribute bass evenly around the room
  • Unite your music with SongPal
  • Enjoy precise, detailed home audio with DTS-HD Master Audio DTS-HD High-Resolution Audio offers intensely detailed reproduction for musical performances
  • Dolby® TrueHD for sound as the director intended and delivers unparalleled audio fidelity across Blu-ray Discs, DVDs and downloaded content
  • Wired screen-mirroring with MHL
  • 4K pass through for 4K content
  • Digital Cinema Auto Calibration automatically optimizes sound and HD Digital Cinema Sound® means big screen sound
  • Developed with Sony Pictures Entertainment, HD Digital Cinema Sound® is based on psycho-acoustic measurements taken at the famous Cary Grant Theatre—used for dubbing sound in major motion pictures. By simulating speaker positions and theater acoustics, you can give every film you watch the Hollywood treatment.
  • Extensive connectivity with a range of ports, 4 x HDMI inputs with 3D and 4K pass-through


When you get your video and audio sources connected, along with as many as seven surround sound speakers, your regular TV room will be transformed into a real home theater. Music will have a detailed, full and rich sound, while explosive sound effects will really make movies come to life.


Hollywood Sound with an av receiver, Sony STR-DH750 Audio and Video Receiver


When your tablet or Smartphone is added to the mix, this versatile Sony STR-DH750 Audio and Video Receiver component will provide you with even more value.

Sound Quality With The Sony STR-DH750 Audio and Video Receiver

The latest cutting edge audio technologies from Sony Pictures and Sony Music are incorporated into the Sony STR-DH750 Audio and Video Receiver. It is also powerful enough that it can deliver multi-channel sound performance that is very impressive. High-Resolution file playback (to 48k/16-bit PCM) is also supported using the front-mounted USB connector.

Stream music effortlessly from your compatible tablet or Smartphone. Nothing is really out of reach. Anybody can be a DJ now without any wires. To get your party started, the receiver can be woken up from standby mode by Bluetooth streaming. Built-in aptX and AAC codec support will prevent signal quality loss while wirelessly streaming music.

Sony STRDH750 Audio and Video Component Receiver Rear View,


Connectivity With The Sony STR-DH750 Audio and Video Receiver

The Sony STR-DH750 Audio and Video Receiver front panel has a standard USB input for connecting iPhones, iPads, iPods, etc without needing to have a Bluetooth connection.

Versatile HD connectivity can be enjoyed with four HDMI inputs (capable of up to 4K). Connect a Blue-ray Disc player, Sony PlayStation entertainment system or any other kind of HDMI-capable device.

You can connect a Smartphone easily using Mobil High-Definition Link (MHL) input and enjoy music, video clips and more from the big screen that comes with big sound. Charging compatible devices and easy connectivity is made possible by the front-mounted USB on the Sony STR-DH750 Audio and Video Receiver.

Home Theater With The Sony STR-DH750 Audio and Video Receiver


Dolby Tue HD Sound in AV Receiver, Sony STR-DH750 Audio and Video Receiver


The Digital Cinema Auto Calibration (DCAC) makes it easy to optimize the home theater settings. Plug in the calibration microphone, connect your gear and follow on-screen prompts using the simplified remote. In a couple of minutes the receiver will be all set for action. Then all you need to do is relax, sit back and enjoy. Intuitively and easily control your receiver using a Bluetooth enabled Smartphone and SongPal.


Sony STR-DH750 Audio and Video Receiver, unite song with Songpal on av receiver


Just download the free app SongPal from Google Play Store or iTunes, install it onto your smart device to control your Sony STR-DH750 Audio and Video Receiver along with all of your favorite music and movie content, including media metadata, receiver settings and so much more from one app.

Final Thoughts On The Sony STR-DH750 Audio and Video Receiver

What more cam we say, this audio receiver offers a high definition sound and visual feast your family will appreciate. Feel the emotion of the depth and range of immersive surround sound with the deep rumbling bass to the high, crystal clear, pure notes plus the rich visual feast of the latest movies in the comfort of your own home as Sony intended you to experience. You’re going to love the Sony STR-DH750 Audio and Video Receiver. See specs here


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The mighty Sony STR-DH750 Audio and Video Receiver features 7.2 channels, 1015 watts and Bluetooth connectivity for a true, theater like experience
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