Yamaha MCR-B142RE Stunning DeskTop Audio System in 9 Designer Colors

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Yamaha MCR-B142RE Offers Sleek Style With Amazing Audio

Sometimes we need our sound system to be portable when needed. Maybe you need a little music on the patio during that BBQ? How about just having music play in a different part of the house? You could even use it on your yacht while cruising the south of France… OK, OK, maybe I went a little too far with my examples, but you get the idea. Perhaps you want to color coordinate with the color scheme of your particular room… with the huge range of 9 stunningly superb designer colors to choose from in the Yamaha MCR-B142RE desk audio system, you can do just that!

 Yamaha MCR-B142RE Desktop Audio Bluetooth System

While it’s just not feasible to move our main audio/video receiver system from room to room, with the Yamaha MCR-B142RE Desktop Audio System you now have options that will allow you to produce exceptional sound in any place you need it with very little effort.

Benefits  Of The Yamaha MCR-B142RE Sound System:

  • Play music from various sources like CD, iPod/iPhone, iPad (via USB) USB, AM/FM radio and auxiliary input
  • Yamaha MCR-B142RE Streams music wirelessly via Bluetooth from your smartphone or tablet
  • Exceptional HD audio quality from a compact system
  • Unique IntelliAlarm and control app features wakes you up gently by increasing music from your iPod or iPhone gradually with the Yamaha DTA Controller App
  • Distinctive design with 9 designer color choices
  • Powerful 4-1/2″ drivers in large-volume speaker cabinets for exceptional acoustic performance
  • Digital docking for high-quality audio connectivity
  • Yamaha’s Compressed Music Enhancer restores the performance of compressed audio files (e.g. MP3 files) to deliver dynamic sound



Need A Color For Your Decor? Yamaha MCR-B142RE Has It

Yamaha MCR-B142YL

Yamaha MCR-B142DG
Yamaha MCR-B142GN
Yamaha MCR-B142RED
Yamaha MCR-B142
Yamaha MCR-B142 purple
Yamaha MCR-B142 PINK
Yamaha MCR-B142 WHITE
Yamaha MCR-042PU Desktop Audio System


Outstanding Digital Sound With The Yamaha MCR-B142RE

 Yamaha MCR-B142RE Desktop Audio Bluetooth System

The Yamaha MCR-B142RE Desktop Audio System may be small. The sound delivery is powerful with rich, deep and warm notes, you can feel the powerful bass and the trill of the treble notes.

This compact unit boasts 4 1/2″ drivers inside the large volume speaker cubes, producing a range of sounds that will fill any space with rich, warm sound.

The MCR-B142RE delivers exceptional acoustic performance from a compact system, with deep, robust bass and clear mid range and distinctive highs.

Digital Docking Functionality

 Yamaha MCR-B142RE Desktop Audio Bluetooth System

Digital docking (via USB) ensures high-quality audio connectivity with iPod and iPhone devices, and Yamaha’s “Compressed Music Enhancer” restores the performance of MP3 files to deliver sound that is more dynamic and has a greater feeling of mood and power.

Not only does this exceptional unit play all of your favorite CD’s (yes, there are still people with CD’s out there, including me), but it also allow for interaction with most of your portable music devices.

Yes! Yamaha MCR-B142RE Has Connectivity

Yamaha sound system, Yamaha MCR-B142RE Desktop Audio Bluetooth System

The Yamaha MCR-B142RE Desktop Audio System allows you to connect your iPhone, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, and iPhone 3G, you can also connect your iPod (first through fifth generations) and your iPod Nano. You can also connect your iPad and iPad mini giving you a complete series of input sources.

The speakers can be separated from the main unit and deployed to give you a more traditional stereo sound to your music. The speakers are not wireless, therefore you are constrained by the length of the speaker wires. I don’t see this as a problem unless you are planning on operating it in a very large room where you need to space the speakers further apart for maximum effect.


Want Amazing Color?  Yamaha MCR-B142RE Has It


Yamaha colors, Yamaha MCR-B142RE Desktop Audio Bluetooth System

The Yamaha MCR-B142RE Desktop Audio System is available in 9 different colors. Unlike most audio receivers that only come in the ubiquitous black, you can now choose a color that matches you personal decor choice.

The sound that is produced by this portable unit is awesome.

Final Thoughts On This Funky Portable Sound System: Yamaha MCR-B142RE

The Yamaha MCR-B142RE comes with a remote control (how could we live without one) and has a few extra functions that are not available from the unit itself (like “Repeat” and “Shuffle”). And let’s not forget everybody’s favorite function…the Mute button. How did we ever live without one?

You can also load a USB stick with your favorite music, insert it into the Yamaha MCR-B142RE USB port, hit shuffle and listen to all your music all day long.



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